Career Assessment

Success at work, at home, and in relationships stems from first understanding yourself – who you are, what you do, and how you do it, and realizing how others perceive you.

The research-based, validated assessments I offer measure communication styles and behaviors to determine your:

Response to problems and challenges;

  • Comfort level in influencing others;
  • Preferences toward the pace of your environment; and
  • Tendencies regarding your desire for data, rules, policies and procedures.

DISC assessments provide valuable information, giving your resume and cover letters a competitive advantage as we showcase relevant interpersonal strengths employers want.

A study conducted by Harvard Business School reveals that people are hired for their hard skills, yet fired due to their lack of people skills. With DISC, you increase your chance of success in the workplace by understanding how to accentuate your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and interact effectively with others.

All assessments are available online and take 30 minutes or less to complete. Customized reports are automatically emailed to you shortly after submitting your answers. Optional follow-up coaching is available for an additional fee.

Available Assessments:

Career Planning and Management

The average adult spends over 70,000 hours at work during their lifetime. Research suggests that as many as 50-80% of people are in the wrong career! Whether you're just starting out, stepping back into the workforce after a break, or thinking about making a career change, this may be a valuable assessment for you.

This tool helps you define your behavioral style, which is key to being attracted to and excelling at different occupations. It assists with career direction by matching your natural style to occupations and specific job titles.

Your investment is $100.00 and includes a 29-page customized report and detailed information about careers that match your results.

Resume and Interview Preparation

As you plan your job marketing campaign, you can gain a competitive advantage by understanding how your natural talents and strengths benefit employers. This tool assesses your strengths and how they contribute to job performance, your ideal work environment, and your unique value in the workplace.

Your investment is $50.00 and includes a 10-page customized report.


Achieving optimal performance in the workplace requires an understanding of behavior patterns. This tool identifies how you can apply personal strengths and adapt your style to work successfully with all types of personalities in your work environment.

Your investment is $75.00 and includes a 31-page customized report.


Interacting effectively with people can make the difference between success and failure in your work and personal life. Effective personal interaction starts with an accurate perception of self. If you're an executive, manager, or leader, the Communication and Behavioral Strengths DISCstyles Leadership Report will give you a greater knowledge of yourself and others, leading to superior performance.

Your investment is $125.00 and includes a 42-page customized report.