"Julia was superb. As a former college professor, her writing and editing skills are masterful. She read my worksheet carefully and noted some inconsistencies in the information. Based on her careful review, she made important corrections and improvements to the final documents. "Branding myself" made me uncomfortable initially, but she guided me patiently and enthusiastically through the process. While she responded to my requests and questions within hours, I never felt rushed or pressured. Her personality is warm and approachable. At the same time, she sets a monumentally high bar in the quality of her work. I wholeheartedly recommend Julia to my friends and colleagues." 

E.S., Physician, Boston, MA

"Julia was terrific. She did a great job combining, prioritizing, and portraying my work history and skillset in a compelling way. Her ability to present my confusing work history (multiple positions at once) was stellar." 

Update: "I wanted to let you know the progress I have had with the resume that you wrote for me. After sending the resume out to all the recruiters, my phone rang off the hook. I had several hundred email requests for follow ups and dozens of phone calls. My resume generated interviews with two companies within 10 days and I was offered a full-time managerial position within 30 days of the resume going out. You were a great partner through the entire process and helped me to achieve my professional goals by landing such a great job with a great company. Thank you for your efforts." 

M.M., Operations Manager, Burlington, VT

"Julia provided me with invaluable guidance updating my outdated resume and LinkedIn page, helping me to stand out from the crowd while attempting a lateral move. Julia was a joy to work with, and I appreciated her thoughtful approach to understanding my professional goals and accomplishments over the course of several phone calls. I was also impressed by the way Julia worked to learn and incorporate terms of art from my (legal) industry and showed a genuine interest in my career. I would absolutely and enthusiastically recommend Julia's services to any professional considering a move--particularly in these challenging times--or someone interested in career coaching." 

W.K., Attorney, Ann Arbor, MI

"Julia is extraordinary and a pure pleasure to work with. It is clear Julia is working from a strategy, data, and experience-with-what-works point of view. I liked and highly respected her working approach, her conversational style, and her willingness to offer an opinion or guidance. (not a pushover just to get more business or a good review). Clearly I was working with a well-rounded professional. I was very pleased with the experience and would recommend Julia highly." 

R.K., VP Strategic Global Accounts, Seattle, WA

"Asking Julia to review and update my resume was such a smart thing for me to do! She is very skilled and spent time asking me all the right questions to get on paper what I truly wanted to convey. Resume writing is an art of its own and Julia is completely up-to-date and in touch with current trends. She was always professional, always enthusiastic, and worked hard to get my resume just right. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Her help and expertise were worth every penny of my investment."

 J.M., RN, Purmela, TX

"The quality of service was extremely high and Julia responded very quickly to all emails and requests. First draft was sent much earlier than advised date. The quality of my resume is much higher than what I could have done, so I am very grateful for the work. It is well worth the price to have a resume that I am happy with and confident sending for future job applications. "

A.I., Supply Chain Program Manager, New York, NY

"Julia worked very hard to understand where I came from and what my resume needed. She helped me understand that simply sharing all my cool engineering tools wasn't enough. My resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile look great and my interactions with Julia were very positive. I never could have developed what she did on my own. It definitely pays to hire the right folks for the job!"

J.H., Software Engineer, Nashua, NH

"The service provided by Julia was outstanding. I highly value the expertise and counsel she provided me. I'm grateful I was able to work with her on this project. I was awed by the look and content of my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile. These documents present me in a much better way than my old resume." 

M.C., Chief Financial Officer, Little Rock, AR

"I am in awe of the job you did on my resume. Thank you for your obvious hard work and thoughtfulness put into my future career goals!" 

C.M., Healthcare Executive, Boston, MA

"The service exceeded my expectations! Julia was extremely sensitive to my situation and was a pleasure to work with. The quality of my resume is second to none and the personal interaction with Julia was like speaking with an old friend. A huge thank you! " 

F.J., Project Manager, San Jose, CA

"The quality was excellent. Julia reviewed the information I provided and put it together in an impressive resume and cover letter. I’m happy to report her work met and exceeded my expectations. Once again the quality of my resume and cover letter were outstanding!" 

C.M., HR Manager, Libertyville, IL

"With 30+ years of experience, it can be hard to bring the right focus to a resume, but Julia’s work was outstanding, particularly the clarity and direction she gave my documents. In addition, Julia is very engaging and empathetic. I highly recommend her to others seeking career services." 

J.V., VP Global Business Development, Winston-Salem, NC

"Being Julia Mattern's client was more than wonderful! She is fast, professional, focused, and enthusiastic. Julia knows how to develop your ideas to perfection without losing direction. She's a real master!" 

H.N., Concert Pianist, Dallas, TX

"Julia’s work was excellent and concise, highlighting the qualities and competencies I truly possess. I loved her service and the outcomes." 

 J.A., Quality Management Director, Amesbury, MA

"Thank you for working with me. I am very happy with the result. You picked up very well who I am and “translated” it into excellent documents. I will happily recommend you to all my friends!" 

G.C., Entrepreneur, San Francisco, CA

"Julia was very fast, responsive, and open to collaboration and suggestions. Working with her was a great experience." 

M.R., VP Global Partners and Strategic Alliances, Concord, MA

"I really appreciate Julia’s efforts and am extremely satisfied with the format and presentation of my resume and LinkedIn profile, particularly how she summarized my career content. She captured things nicely. To Julia, thank you so much for your help, well done!" 

K.K., Senior VP of Operations, Plattsburg, NY

"Julia was great. Took the time to understand me so that I could better position myself against a sea of people with similar experiences." 

N.G., VP Marketing and Sales, Chicago

"Julia was professional, expedient and clearly loves what she does, as was evident in her communication and ultimate summary of my career. I received an extremely thorough review of my work history and goals and feel the resultant resume is an accurate depiction that will make a positive difference in my search."

F.M., VP, Architecture & Design, New York, NY

"Thank you so much for all of your help over the past six months. I would not be where I am at today if it wasn't for your help. My interview was amazing! Thank you for the interview preparation session and for helping me to build up my confidence and comfort level. I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me." 

 K.L., Dining and Culinary Manager, Lafayette, IN

"Julia has helped me maintain a positive attitude in my current work environment while redesigning my resume to prepare for future opportunities. Her recommendations have improved my interactions and increased my effectiveness. I specifically appreciated her practice of using the DISC results to confirm my strengths and add a more personal touch to my resume. Her strategic approach and diligence have provided me long-reaching benefits. I will continue to recommended Julia to others." 

M.S., Quality Assurance Manager, Carmel, IN

"Julia prepared a fantastic cover letter and resume for me in a timely manner. Having documentation of my career accomplishments through Julia's vantage was exactly what I needed to have the courage to apply for a new position." 

P.G., Executive Admin Associate, Lubbock, TX

"Julia is absolutely outstanding, as are her writing services. I would work with her as a coach in addition to the writing she has done." 

P.P., VP Operations, Milton, MA

"Julia was adept at synthesizing a great deal of information, both personal and professional, into a dynamic and cogent resume that reflects the best possible light on my total experience. The quality was excellent." 

R.M., Marketing Director, Concord, MA

"Julia didn't just help me by writing a clean and attractive resume or updating my LinkedIn page to attract the right kind of jobs; she also taught me a lot about the job industry as a whole. My stress levels reduced drastically once I knew recruiters were landing on a professional LinkedIn page and being handed a professional resume." 

S.L., Software Engineer, Carmel, IN

"Julia was amazing to work with and so helpful. I gained more than just an updated resume out of our interaction, she helped me align my focus. My resume is high quality. I love the style-looks clean and well done. Exactly what I needed." 

S.T., Senior Project Manager, Katy, TX

"Julia did a great job understanding my needs and background to capture my career. My resume was refreshed and more succinct." 

R.Z., Operations Senior Executive, Cape Coral, FL

"Julia was great to work with. My resume is beautifully written and I am taken aback at the impact it has visually. I love that the cover letter calls out major accomplishments, but doesn't just regurgitate my resume." 

M.D., Planning and Operations Director, Dallas, TX

"Julia is extremely professional. I could tell in our first conversation that she really took the time to review the worksheets and resume I sent in. She did her homework! I am very happy with the format and written content of my documents." 

D.B., Technical Trainer, Irvine, CA

"I just received my first proofs. Oh. My. Gosh! It's even better than I anticipated-it's excellent! I'm beyond impressed. "

J.F. , Chief Marketing and Branding Officer, Carlsbad, CA

"WOW! This is so nice I would hire myself! Phenomenal work. Really like the language used and how it's all put together. Really appreciate you."

S.A., Director of Technical Sales, Valencia, CA

"I've loved working with Julia! She is wonderful and really took the time to chat with me, understand my background, and produce something that felt like me."

A.S. Communications Manager, Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you so much! I’m deeply appreciative of your services and it was a pleasure getting to know you a bit during our call.

I love my new resume, thank you for taking it to the next level!"

K.N., VP of Design, Orange County, CA

"Julia was very friendly, prompt, and professional in her communications. I am very impressed with her! I am very pleased with the overall quality of my documents-great word choices and strategic use of fonts and space." 

T.H., Global Agribusiness Executive, San Antonio, TX

"For someone like me who has been with the same company for so long, refreshing my resume was a great process. Julia did a fine job working with me and incorporating the better parts of my experience." 

S.R., Operations Director, Goffstown, NH

"Julia did an excellent job. Swift and professional. It was a pleasure to work with her. "

R.B., Physician, Portland, OR

"Thanks, Julia. Can’t thank you enough for your collaboration and effort. You are amazing!!!!"

M.V., CEO, New York, NY

"Working with Julia helped open doors in my career that would otherwise have been closed. I faced an urgent deadline and she was able to meet the critical schedule easily and with maximum results. I would strongly recommend Julia for your career-expanding project!"

C.W.B., Urban Planner, Palm Beach, FLColumn 2 Content

"I loved the format that Julia picked out for me and think she captured exactly what I wanted to say in my resume."

A.B., Senior Financial Services Executive, Avon by the Sea, NJ